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Use Cases

Diameter Signaling Controller

Packet Force One offers one-box Diameter signaling solution including Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) and Diameter Mediation Agent (DMA). The Diameter signaling controller helps CSPs to overcome read more...

Diameter Routing Agent

With centralized diameter routing infrastructure, Packet Force Diameter Routing Agent helps MNO/MVNOs to create a secure signaling network which reduces the cost and complexity of the all-IP network architecture and enables read more...

Diameter Edge Agent

The Packet Force Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) offers roaming solution for LTE based network. DEA functionality allows operator to setup policy rules that securely exchange Diameter messages across partner networks over IPX read more...

Diameter Mediation Agent

In multi-vendor networks with increasing numbers of control elements, Packet Force Diameter Mediation Agent (DMA) plays a key role to avoid interoperability challenges. read more...

Diameter Stack Java API

PF's Diameter Stack enables user applications to interface directly to IMS and LTE networks, for the realization of high value services in areas such as Mobility, Charging and Location. read more...

Diameter Traffic Simulator

Packet Force DTS is an end-user easy to use Diameter traffic test enabling tool which helps in load testing and end-to-end call flow testing.