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Packet Force is an India based company with presence in Telecom and Communication domain. We offer Diameter signaling solutions for next generation LTE, VoLTE and IMS based mobile network. Our products are developed by team members having 8+ years of domain expertise with Diameter protocol based product development.

Product Portfolio:

Packet Force One is an all in one Diameter Signaling solution (DSC), offers Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) and Diameter Mediation Agent (DMA) in one single box. The solution helps communication service providers (CSPs) to overcome network congestion, roaming interworking and inter-connection mesh issues. Additionally, Packet Force One offers mediation, security and topology hiding features.

Diameter protocol stack development API: Packet Force offers very high performance, scalable and reliable carrier-grade Diameter-based platform that can be used to build 3G and 4G core network elements. Diameter Stack includes support for the most popular Diameter interfaces used by 3GPP EPC, LTE and IMS. Diameter stack also offers the Diameter Relay, Proxy and Redirect agents allowing the developer to build Diameter signaling controller based network elements and applications.


We believe in QUALITY. We believe in POSITIVE CHANGE. We believe in result which resembles high-progress is SUCCESS. We ENVISION connected world with the most advanced signaling network for seamless user experience.


Our mission is to DELIVER most advanced Diameter Signaling Solution for next generation mobile networks such as LTE, VoLTE and IMS. Our solutions help Communication Service Providers (CSP) to solve network challenges with high throughput products and low TCO/AMC.

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