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Packet Force One - Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC)

Global LTE based network deployments are increasing aggressively. In association with LTE deployments, Diameter signaling traffic will continue to report high growth rate. The massive growth in signaling traffic demands new signaling infrastructure to solve the current real time challenges such as scalability, high availability, traffic management, network interconnect and protocol interworking in order to improve network stability.

Packet Force One offers one-box Diameter signaling solution including Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) and Diameter Mediation Agent (DMA). The solution helps communication service providers (CSPs) to overcome network congestion, roaming interworking and inter-connection mesh issues. Additionally, Packet Force One offers mediation, security and topology hiding features.

Diameter Routing Agent

With centralized Diameter routing infrastructure, Packet Force Diameter Routing Agent helps MNO/MVNOs to create a secure signaling network which reduces the cost and complexity of the all-IP network architecture and enables traffic control, interoperability and rapid introduction of new services. It also enhances network visibility by providing a centralized monitoring point in the signaling network.

The Packet Force Diameter Routing Agent supports Diameter Relay, Proxy and Redirect Agent inbuilt as specified in RFC 6733. It is known that each Diameter peer connected with another relevant Diameter peer in the network. As more Diameter nodes added to the network, a complicated mesh structure creates as a result. Placing DRAs into the network allows CSPs to simplify network complexity. The scenario is well described in following LTE network diagram.

Diameter Routing Agent

Diameter Edge Agent

The Packet Force Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) offers roaming solution for LTE based network. DEA usually located at the edge of the operator’s network in roaming infrastructure. Most CSPs have roaming agreements with other CSPs. DEA functionality allows operator to setup policy rules that securely exchange Diameter messages across partner networks over IPX (IP network). Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) can also use DRA/DEAs to communicate with the home network, for example OCSs, SPR need to communicate with partner H-PLMN.

In roaming infrastructure, the DEA act as a gateway for roaming traffic and maintain single point of entry. DEA hides the network topology from roaming partners and establishes secure connection. DEA also provide overload protection mechanisms.

Diameter Edge Agent

Diameter Mediation Agent

Mediation between network elements helps CSPs to ensure that proper peer-to-peer interworking across the many different versions and variants of Diameter interfaces and vendor-specific implementations that are found in most networks. In multi-vendor networks with increasing numbers of control elements, Packet Force Diameter Mediation Agent (DMA) plays a key role to avoid interoperability challenges. Our DMA is capable to process custom data dictionaries and attribute value pair (AVP) manipulations. This capability effectively reducing operational costs as new Diameter peers are deployed in network.

Diameter Mediation Agent

Features and Benefits

  • Centralized network management
  • Diameter mediation for network interworking
  • Congestion control
  • Load Balancing
  • Roaming network interworking
  • Diameter AVP manipulation
  • Relay, Proxy and Redirect Function
  • High-Availability and Failover mechanisms
  • Security
  • Topology hiding


  • RFC 6733 – Diameter Base protocol (Obsoletes RFC 3588)
  • RFC 6737 – Diameter Capabilities Update Application
  • 3GPP TS 29.213 – Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)
  • GSMA IR.88 – Diameter Edge Agent (DEA)